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I am all about collaboration and working TOGETHER for the greater good of our world. As a freelance creative director and ethical merchandising strategist, there are a few ways we can do this:

Workshops: If you are an aspiring small business owner or creative entrepreneur (or already established) and need a kick in the pants to start or develop your project, I co-founded a workshop series just for you! Myself and Kelly Bennett, fellow creative director and partner of VegeNation, have curated a 12 week course on creating and sustaining an impact-focused small business. Our next series will begin September of 2018.

Personal Mentoring for Individuals and Small Businesses: I am currently available for private clients (this is ideal for current or aspiring entrepreneurs or small business owners) who want a 1:1 mentoring experience. I offer this service in sessions; they are available as a single session for feedback and goal setting or a 6 week growth package. Sessions can be done in-person or online. Initial session price is $125.

Collaboration: For artists or creatives wanting to come up with innovative concepts, I LOVE working on collaborative events, workshops and products. Shoot me an email!

Freelance for hire: If you are a brand or business, I offer a very reasonable rate for the following:

  • Curation of a brand-aligned ethical retail collection for your existing business

  • Design and merchandising of your ethical retail collection

  • Photographed content of your brand or service

  • Written review of your product or service

It's pretty easy! If you'd like to work together, please fill out the contact box below with a short message. If you would just like to be added to the email list, simply write "email" in the last box. Thank you! 

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