How do you choose the brands you work with?

A lot of research goes into the brands carried at Sister House Collective. All of our brands that carry items made overseas are social impact based. This means that the products are created in a safe working environment and working are paid the country's minimum (but usually much above minimum) wages for their products. Most, if not all of the brands we carry from these groups also work to empower women in disadvantaged situations (ex- survivors of sex trafficking or in very rural communities with not many jobs available). 

As for more locally made goods, our criteria for body and beauty products is that the products are made as naturally as possible without the use of harsh chemicals. We do our best to stay true to our ethos for other locally made products as well; we only agree to carrying items that are sourced as ethically as possible. We also strive to keep our aesthetics in mind when choosing new product for the shop.

Have a product you would like to sell here? Send us an email at

Why such a fuss over fair trade and locally made?

We are utterly and forever committed to educating our community about ethically sourced and produced goods. As a brand founded on these principals, we intend to continue making a fuss about the importance of ethical production until our we start to see ethical practices as the norm for big companies. In the meantime, we will support small companies making a big impact with their choice to value people over obscene profit margins. 

How do I rent the Work / Shop for a pop up shop/ event/ workshop?

The workshop is available for rental of workshop space/ event space and for pop up shops. Our criteria for workshops and events are that they benefit the community in some capacity (this includes free events and creative-type workshops). The kinds of events and workshops usually hosted in the space support creative exploration, art related skill-sharing or entrepreneurship. Pop up shops must meet criteria of ethical production. 

Cost varies but is relatively low; please email for specific pricing and availability.