Why such a fuss over ethical and sustainable fashion and business practices?

I am utterly and forever committed to educating individuals about living a more conscious lifestyle. I am incredibly passionate about changing the conversation around the goods we buy: creating awareness about prevalent labor exploitation that goes on throughout the world’s manufacturing factories, but also provide solutions to consumers so they can confidently spend their money in a way that empowers our world’s people. I aim to support companies making big impact with their efforts of valuing people over obscene profit margins. I intend to continue making a fuss about the importance of ethical production until our we start to see safety and living wages as the norm for those working in our global trade industries, in particular the fashion industry.

How do you choose the brands you promote?

A lot of research goes into the brands I support and promote. When seeking brands to feature, I look for socially-driven brands who commit to fair and/or living wages, a safe working environment for their employees, and are creating economic sustainability. You might also find brands featured on the blog who are committed to the environment, low-impact and organic materials, recycled materials, or zero animal products. None of the skincare or body products I promote test on animals.

Can I send you products to review?

As long as you think we are a good match (ie: your company or product line is ethical)! Please email sisterhousecollective@gmail.com if you are interested in sending product for review. I will send a media kit to define the terms of the exchange. Thank you!