Sejal Parang : KarmaLit

Sejal Parang is the founder of KarmaLit, a smell good, do good candle company. All candles are hand poured with American grown soy and essential oils in Denver, Colorado.


What inspired you to start KarmaLit?

I started KarmaLit out of a love for giving back and a desire to do something that set my heart on fire. After 8 years planning events for an education non profit I was feeling unfullied. I was surrounded by teachers making enormous impacts with their students. I wanted to get out from behind the desk and create my own dream job. So I started slowly – researching, making mistakes, falling on my face, googling allthethings, asking questions, asking more questions, and falling again. I spent hours upon hours and then days and weeks crafting our candle formulas, researching packaging and learning the handmade lingo.  I’ll never forget what it felt like to see an email come to my inbox that read, “You’ve made a sale!”

Where do you draw inspiration for your scents? 

Imagine striking a match, lighting a candle and being instantly transported to a favorite childhood memory. That can happen when you light a candle because scent plays an enormous role in how we craft our memories. So we're inspired by our customers stories of why they choose our brand over others. We've heard our scent, Sandcastle Dew reminds some of their grandmother. One customer in Seattle buys one Golden State candle every month because it reminds him of his hometown in Southern California. He’s said it’s “California in a bottle” and that’s exactly what we were going for when we created this scent. We wanted the mountains, the dessert, the ocean and all the good things we loved about California inside one bottle!


Tell us about Donor's Choose. What is it, and why did you choose to give a portion of profits back to them?

Donors Choose is an online platform where any public school teacher in the country can request resources for their classroom. It’s basically Kickstarter for educators! Before I started KarmaLit I worked for an education non profit so I wanted to make sure I supported education without actually being in the classroom.

What are some of your favorite projects you've helped bring to in with your partnership with teachers? 

We’ve funded wiggly chairs, chrome books, headphones and field trips throughout the years. To see all our funded projects, visit

Do you have a favorite KarmaLit scent?

That’s like picking a favorite child! If I had to choose I would say Favorite Hoodie. It reminds me of what my husband smelled like before he became my husband!

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