Conscious Living is for All

In light of recent happenings in the Conscious Lifestyle realm, I wanted to share a little about my thoughts on accessibility to this lifestyle for all people. Conscious Living is becoming a very popular buzz term, following the massive awakening that was the organic food movement- but let’s be real- the marketing for most lifestyle brands caters to upper middle class, typically white, more-often-than-not, women. I know I focus heavily on women’s projects and creating space for women, but I want the information I share to be accessible to EVERYONE. Meaning, if you are NOT a well off woman who has expendable cash lying around to buy $70 organic cotton, made in LA t-shirts and the latest Swedish made wooden clog, you can know I’m talking to you. And if in fact you DO have some extra money lying around to buy $70 organic cotton t-shirts from LA, and all the other nice ethical upscale things out there, I’m speaking to you, too. Our finances should not be a factor in whether or not we make choices to live a more conscious lifestyle though. A Conscious Lifestyle is living in a manner of being more self-aware of your impact on the world and the people in it.

Being a new mom is bringing me a whole new world of experiences and challenges so I want you as a reader and supporter of Sister House Collective to know, I also take into consideration your time and energy. Do you have time and energy to research reputable brands that sell goods at a reasonable price? Maybe. Maybe not. That’s why I want to do that work for you. I enjoy that work. And I know so many find it useful, so I want to continue being that source. I would be doing the research for myself anyway- to know where I’m putting my money and what the impact of my products are- but now I’ll be sharing it here for you too, along with resource guides, conscious living tips, guest posts and whatever else I find applicable for sharing. Conscious living isn’t just for the upper class who can afford ethical luxury items- it is for ALL of us. It’s not just about consumption either, it’s a thought process- an awareness that comes from having the educational resources that provide us with choices about how we like our life to look and feel.  

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