Sister House Rebrand in the Works

In honor of the core of this brand, I want to share some feelings I’ve been feeling lately: “you’re not good enough. You’re running in circles. You don’t have enough time to keep up this business. If you make time, you’re not a good mom. You’re putting stress on your marriage. Close the store. Do something different.” This is hard for me to share. It makes me vulnerable, and it makes me feel more like a person and less like a brand. And that’s terrifying. If I’m being honest though, I’ve been burned out on retail for some time. Not because I am burned out altogether- I LOVE what I do. But I love it because I love supporting female artisans. I love helping women reach their full potential and utilize their God-given gifts to live out a purposeful life. I love artisanal, handcrafted products that exist for a purpose bigger than just being beautiful. What I don’t like is being in the world of sales as a retailer. I am not a sales personality. I don’t ever tell people, “buy this thing!” And imply that by buying it, it will magically transform your life and make you a happier, possibly ‘better’ person. Because things don’t do that. And they won’t. Ever.

Happiness and fulfillment is something that comes from within, and knowing truly to your core that you are part of a big something and YOU hold the power to make a positive or negative impact on your own life and that of others.

When I started Sister House Collective, I started it as a means to empower women on both sides I’d be globe- because I believe with every cell in my body that when one woman rises, we all rise. TOGETHER. But working to build an ethical retail business is reeeally hard. I don’t sell products at thousands (or even close) % mark up like most typical retail businesses do. So building a sustainably sound business that functions on fair and direct trade principals and values, takes time. So much time. And right now in my life, with a new baby and side projects (and wanting to maintain good mental health), I don’t want to spend 60+ hours a week working so that I’m a miserable wreck and can’t take care of myself or my family. So I find myself here, friends. Rebranding. Looking at and assessing the skills I’ve gained over the past three years and how I can continue supporting ethical companies and movements, share about intentional living and feel sustainable and sane. Do I close the shop altogether? Do I continue on as a lifestyle blog? I came up with a short survey to ask YOU: what is it you value about this brand? Is it the community it created at the brick and mortar? Is it learning about ethical businesses? Is it the curated marketplace? Supporting women? I want to know because I VALUE what light it brings to you, and I want to continue sharing that light as it evolves into something new. The survey is 8 quick questions and I’m giving everyone a $5 gift to spend at the shop as a big thank you for your time. Survey link is here

Thank you thank you thank you 🙌🏼 🙌🏼,