Guest Post: Britt lynn on Conscious Living

Conscious Living: From The Ground, Up

The Gift that Keeps on Giving


What does conscious living mean to you?

I’ve never been asked that before. In my experience, initially, the seed to conscious living is sown within an aspect of life that causes you to see it through a new lens. It gives new perspective, offers opportunity to get curious, and often, shifts a piece of your current paradigm (belief system) to a more evolved, or well-rounded space. Conscious living started, for me, through realizing that I was not merely a powerless cog in a wheel, as I’d spent 25 years of my life thinking, but that I was incredibly emotionally intelligent, sensitive, exquisite, flawed and everything in-between.

Conscious living is the gift that keeps on giving.

Consciousness is defined as the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings.

Awakening One’s consciousness is a faucet that, upon activation, can not easily be shut off. Willingly shifting from a place of perceived boundaries, borders and small thinking, to a wide-eyed, curious, studentlike mentality takes much of the heaviness that makes us feel powerless and purposeless. I say it’s a faucet that doesn’t easily shut off, not because it’s a scary monster that wants to hold power over us or beat us into submission, but because we begin to realize that we are in control of much more than is told to us by popular culture, media and seeming ‘news outlets’.

We begin seeing things as we never have before, whether the avenue of conscious living is about what we put in our bodies, on our bodies, the people we surround ourSelves with, the industries we support, what’s beyond our world, the way we spend our money, the corporations we contribute to, our purpose in this life… Literally every avenue of the human experience falls somewhere on the spectrum of how consciously we are willing to show up to in our lives… We begin to be more happy and liberated Beings, aligning ourSelves with things that feel good. We open up our scope of reality and begin to see with greater (more inclusive) clarity.

Things in life begin to shift.

My new definition for Conscious Living: a beautiful thing that gives cause for celebration and gratitude daily!

Britt Lynn is a sensitive, spiritual empath, passionate storyteller, pre and postnatal yoga instructor and active change-making community member. Big thank you to Brittani for her contribution to the SHC blog with this beautiful post!!