International Women's Day 2018

On Thursday I celebrated International Women’s Day surrounded by a band of courageous women. We are passionate. And as passionate, empowered women, we know our worth. As women who value and appreciate the unique place we hold in this world, we are not afraid to speak up and speak out. We all have created businesses that show our commitment to ourselves, our sisters of the world, our mothers and daughters, our planet. This group I spent the day with, we are business owners. We are innovators. We too, are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. 

The last few weeks I've been working on something special for Women's Day: a collaborative product that encompasses women of the world sharing commonalities. Something to remind women of their truth, inspire them & remind them that as women (and for all of us as humans)- we should be celebrated daily. The beautiful design below was screenprinted here in Las Vegas with the design created by artist Marissa Baca, in Queens, NY. When she came to me with this phrase and design, I knew this was it. SHE IS THE LIGHT. The design is printed in black on a natural canvas tote that is handmade in Kenya by women who are part of Imani Collective, each signed by it's maker. 

This tote completely encompasses that product I was dreaming of. It is literally empowering women artists and makers ALL OVER THE GLOBE and the message is simple, yet direct. I decided to do a limited quantity to encourage more of this collaborative effort (I'm hoping to continue doing collaborative work on these amazing totes very soon)! We have some still available in our Marketplace here. Let it be a reminder that we truly have the capacity to be light in this world if we so choose. So let's BE it. Like, REALLY be it. Big thanks to the creative and daring women who make beautiful, ethical products like this possible (the women of Imani Collective in both Kenya and Dallas, TX, and designer Marissa Baca)! 


Below you'll find a feature on the local, courageous creatives who shared the afternoon on International Women's Day with me, each bringing their talents and passions to share in an insanely inspiring space- local restaurant, VegeNation that is paving the way for change-makers (and change-making business) all over the world.

Happy (belated) International Women's Day. Let us celebrate our uniqueness and purpose each and every day.



Negar Hosseini. 

“I founded Neon Cactus Vintage in December of 2017.  I have been collecting, thrifting, and treasure hunting my entire life.  As a queer woman of color and a Las Vegas native, I find it extremely important to facilitate an inclusive environment for the people in my community. I hope to cultivate a space where the vintage is beyond binaries and allows people to wholeheartedly express their beautiful personalities while wearing colorful, silly, dapper, and sassy vintage. I feel honored to help people give new life to vintage with an already rich history.” Click here to learn more & shop Neon Cactus

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Sam Smith. 

“I started my Etsy shop in 2015. But it has really transformed since then. I began sewing as a young child, and picked it back up after my daughter was born. It has turned into my business and my passion! I want to provide women with high quality, small batch clothing that makes them feel confident!” Click here to learn more & shop Found Path.


Myra Muntean.

“I founded Mojave Moon Jewelry in January of 2015 after I decided to quit my job in order to pursue an unknown path. After several failed attempts at conventional jobs, the Earth spoke to me and lead to silversmithing. My vision is to create quality, unique pieces that are influenced by vintage design with a modern feel that will last a lifetime.” Click here to learn more & shop Mojave Moon Jewelry. 


Christine Frazzitta.

“ZeetaBody was created in 2011. We empower others to live a happy, healthy life. Using essential oils and other earth based ingredients, we handcraft skin care and natural lifestyle essentials. All products are 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Soy/Paraben Free, Made with Love in Las Vegas.” Experience ZeetaAromaYoga for yourself at one of Christine's weekly group classes. Schedule can be found on the website.


Stefanie Frank.

“Frankly Good Coffee was founded in July 2011. Our mission and vision is to collaborate with like minded businesses to bring fresh, locally roasted coffee to their customers, and support creative, motivated people to give and do their best each day.” Click here to learn more and shop Frankly Good.

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Michelle Beardsley.

"I founded Pink House Henna beginning of last year - I was always into doing henna on myself and my friends. When I went to First Friday I was inspired by all the vendors showcasing their talents so I thought I'd put myself out there and see what comes of it. My ultimate mission is to empower not just women, but all people I do Henna on to leave feeling good about themselves and in their own skin. I believe Henna is powerful in that way."

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Gabby Bohan. (Right)

"My mission with ‘La Essentials’ is to promote the importance of “up-cycling.” Which, in my candle company’s case, is being able to reuse the jars that I sell to those who purchase them. When they are brought back for refills I offer $2 off the next candle that they purchase - and I am able to reuse the jar/jars. Another HUGE aspect of my small candle business is to promote the concept of minimalism and having multiple different uses in one product. My candles offer a variety of purposes including: home decor, wonderful aroma for any room, natural deodorant, moisturizer, and massage oil. They are able to because of the three simple ingredients I add to each; unrefined coconut oil, natural soy wax, and various essential oils."

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