Clean Sunscreen

It’s getting warmer!


Yep, I spent yesterday sweating at our biggest Market in the Alley- a recently project I became a part of co-curating. We had over 2100 people in the community come to our market, where we had 70 local makers, creators, artists, musicians and culinary innovators! It was amazing, but it was warm and sunny. Sunscreen was definitely at the top of my to-do list every so often, which got me thinking- a clean sunscreen post is needed!

I use a few different brands of sunscreen but I want to highlight Erba Viva because this one is my current favorite for my face. I have pretty sensitive skin, plus I’m doing a month long foundation and concealer detox to clean up my skin. I’ve been using this one for the last week daily and my skin is feeling good!

To make this post quick and informative, I’m going to highlight some of the facts about conventional sunscreen brands and relevant skincare information (from Kate Black’s MagnifECO):

  • The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing a minimum of SPF 30 at all times

  • Sunscreen is a $600 million industry in the U.S., but the FDA has not approved any new ingredients since 1999. At the time of MagnifECO’s publication in 2015, eight ingredients were under review but several had been in that state for over a decade

  • Spray sunscreens have increased in popularity over the years as easier to apply, yet their effectiveness is questionable

  • Sunscreens are often laden with toxic chemicals like benzophenone and oxybenzone, and spray sunscreens just spray these chemicals into the air- often to be inhaled by the children we’re most often spraying them on


Erba Viva is organic, coral reef safe, made up of aloe, sunflower, jojoba, chamomile and lavender oils. It’s SPF 30 full spectrum protection (from both uva + uvb rays). I have been loving it, and I think you will too.

I’d love to hear if you try it!

Last tip: be sure to apply BEFORE going outside, and reapply hourly throughout the day if you’re in the sun. Enjoy clean and protected skin!


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