2017 Impact Report

Incase you missed our social media post, here is a little run-down of our impact made in 2017!


First off, what the heck is a social impact report, right?

Last I checked, Nevada doesn’t actually recognize certified b-corps in the state (YET) but b-corp stands for benefit corporation: a corporation that exists for the benefit of human kind. It is essentially a for-profit business model that exists with the mission of a non-profit. If you’ve followed SHC for a while, you know that I’m all about empowerment through commerce (because charity is great but it doesn’t always empower it’s recipients) which is WHY I chose to found a for-profit structure that exists to empower, not exploit the people who make the products we buy. So this leads me to the Sister House Collective Impact Report for the year- since the state of Nevada does not yet recognize b-corps, I’m gonna act like one anyway and model transparency as best I can by breaking down a few numbers of importance for the business this year. In 2017, SHC carried 12 social impact brands that empower artisans in developing communities. These brands are providing safe, dignified professions that pay LIVING WAGES in Peru, India, Thailand, Philippines, Madagascar, Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Rwanda, KenyEthiopia and Uganda (see tags above to follow and learn more about some of these brands)! In 2017, SHC supported 48 local artisans, small batch makers, freelancers and visionaries through retail of their goods, brand representation, pop up shops, workshops and creative events. We also brought in goods made by small batch makers in Seattle, Atlanta, Reno, Denver & Ottawa. Our workshop space hosted over 40 creative & brand building workshops, various community enrichment events and dozens of grassroots downtown wellness + growth strategy meetings (and honestly, I didn’t count but I know we held AT LEAST 5 events per month for the last 8 months so it’s likely in the 45-55 range). Sister House collaborated on three documentary screenings this year of The True Cost & River Blue with a local eco-fashion designer as well as two clothing swaps with another very intentional conscious small business, all in an effort to inspire more conscious, thoughtful living in our immediate community in Las Vegas. So with all that, THANK YOU for your support because together WE ARE IMPACTING LIVES & changing the world for the BETTER!!

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