Creative Change-Making

As a business owner in the first few (sometimes many) years, you’re literally a volunteer for your own crusade. I’m going on four years now. Working like hell. For no pay. But I LOVE what’s being created with this brand, and I believe it’s going to make it. I  believe all of this work will eventually be able to sustain me so I can do this forever (because I'm telling you, I could)! Lord knows it sustains my soul.. I love it..and I love everything about it- the impact that’s being made, the kinship and community that’s being cultivated, the creative aspects.




I know it just requires a lot of work. And time. And patience. And above all, it requires persistence. And I’m ready. But I have to slow down and get some help if I don’t want to burn out.

Earlier this month, I put out a call for an intern- a call for an exchange of knowledge, time, collaborative space- because with a baby on one hip, I can only do so much. I desperately need help if I want this thing to keep growing. And let me tell you, the response has me so overwhelmed with gratitude for creative, passionate young women that believe in this brand and what it stands for. Starting this week, you will be meeting two very talented ladies that will be assisting as interns with Sister House over the next few months- Mya and Brea. I will be posting their bios over on our social media accounts during the week so stay tuned for that!! They are going to be such great assets to Sister House; I am really looking forward to share knowledge, time and collaborative space with these two!

Also, can I share how thankful that this year has taught me it’s okay to ask for help? The collaborative aspect of Sister House in a brick and mortar-turned collective workspace taught me more than ever that by being vulnerable and asking for help, I am stronger, more brave, and overall, more humble and grounded. The resident artists and creatives who worked alongside me at the shop this year have taught me that it’s okay to let the Sister House audience see that I’m human. I’m one person with an insane passion to impact this world in a positive way, empowering people to be their best selves and live their best lives. I am blessed with an insanely supportive husband who believes in this mission, and colleagues I LOVE and respect so much (and now two interns!) because they too believe that change is on the rise and change-making businesses will prevail!

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