Summer Picks. Short & Sweet.

The heat is killing me. Anyone else?

Staying cool is tough but hopefully this list of our featured products can help: 
(From left to right)

1. Bonum Vitae Dry Skin Oil, made locally with all natural ingredients, this is perfect for keeping your face hydrated. Wear under (or mixed with) make up during the day or alone overnight.

2. Blissful Therapy All Natural Sunblock, also made locally without any harmful ingredients. Small tub for easy on-the-go application. 

3. KarmaLit Golden State Candle, made from American grown soy beans and essential oils, no nasty stuff. The smell of summer in a cute little mason jar.

4. Zoe's Corner Natural Lip Balm. Enough said. All natural in mild scents like Bumbleberry Pie, Orange Peppermint & Raspberry Mint. Keep those lips hydrated!

5. Conscious Coconut Oil, fair trade with a dual purpose social impact, benefiting coconut farmers and American children through Feeding America. 100% organic and ready to be used as moisturizer, make up remover, natural deodorant or ingested. This coconut oil is my favorite!

All of these products can be found in the shop (wait, what happened to the online store?!) - 

If you're following on Instagram or get our email newsletter, you know that I recently decided to close the online store. For our out of town followers, I apologize! If you are ever interested in ordering products you see via our feed I am more than happy to ship private orders.

The reason I've decided to close the online store is that most of SHC sales happen in person at our Work / Shop space in downtown Las Vegas. I'm also due to have a baby in about a month and a half so the online shop is more "on hold" than closed for good. Once baby comes and we all get settled, I will reopen the online shop. In the meantime, I hope to engage more locals by hosting community gatherings, events, workshops and small concerts. Our workshop space is incredible but taking on this seemingly new business venture of having a brick and mortar has proven to exhaust me while expecting a baby. I hope this choice to close the online store for a few months will give me time to focus on developing the brick and mortar, and then spend some quality time with little (baby) Avi before jumping back full time into the shop. 

I hope you will continue following and supporting SHC even if you're not a local. Every single person who believes in the power of this social impact brand and all it stands for means the world to me, and every artist working to share their story.

Thank you. And stay cool this summer!

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