Conscious Magazine // An Agent for Change

I'm not sure how I stumbled across Conscious Magazine; all I know is that when I read about their publication- I thought to myself, "oh my gosh. I have to read this! It's all about changing the conversation. Other people who are putting everything they've got into creating socially conscious movements, brands, non-profits- people are doing it! And there are so many that there is a magazine about it? How can I get it!?" 

I ordered the whole collection that day. When they arrived, I tried to find a cosy, quiet space to flip through the three editions and I was overwhelmed with inspiration- I would read a story and then let it sink in for a few days before moving onto the next. It's now been almost a year since I discovered the publication and I still have not finished my (now four) magazines; not because they aren't incredible, but because I treasure each story. Each one has so much meaning and intention behind it; tales of men and women who are at the forefront of real, authentic change, leading lives that stand for something bigger than themselves.

In Issue 03, I learned about "Conscious Fashion Pioneers"- Eryn Erickson, founder of So Worth Loving, Melissa Joy Manning of Melissa Joy Manning, Inc. and Dawn Yanagihara, co-founder and creative director of Kiriko. In another issue, I was encouraged by an article that depicted the realistic business model that Sister House Collective is: slow growth for social impact. This was profound for me. Slow growth is still growth, and social impact efforts are still efforts that are impacting someone. So what if it takes years for me to build this thing up? Is the social impact worth it? Absolutely.

During the first year of Sister House Collective, I asked myself a lot- how does a business sustain itself if it isn't all about making a huge profit? Well, with no experience in business management or marketing, a deep desire to cultivate social justice and transparency, I accepted that I have to be patient. I have to know that I will never be filthy rich. I can live passionately for something more, something greater that will take some time to develop. I can keep myself inspired by people who are living the dream I want to achieve.

Through Conscious Magazine, I have has my eyes opened to social impact brands, businesses and non-profits that all started with an individual who made a change. One person with a crazy big idea can inspire lasting change in the world. When I read this magazine, it is proof that people are making changes for the greater good- BIG CHANGES. Every day.

Here is the Story + Mission from Conscious Magazine's website: 

"I need to do something. I can do something.” This is why CONSCIOUS exists, we hope our stories inspire impact despite our pasts, circumstances, and surroundings.

CONSCIOUS Magazine was founded by sisters, Rachael and Elena. Their passion for people and seeing them live out their potential in the service of others was the driving force behind the venture. They wanted to become a voice that inspired and empowered all generations.

The concept originated as a blog called Lifestyle + Charity. During that time, they discovered and met with a growing community of influencers, leaders, world-changers, social entrepreneurs, and those doing great things that not only serve their community, but also create real change in different parts of the world. After countless interactions, they learned that many of those making a difference have gone through a series of triumphs and challenges recognizing that the work they do is hard and requires passion, commitment, and purpose. They were inspired, so they sought out to share their stories. They found themselves shifting their conversations to discussing the needs of other cultures, learning about people from different communities, and getting excited about it.

Like many startups, they shared their vision with their closest friends and invited them to join. In the first and second year, the idea became alive through a blog and events, and eventually, with the help of partners and readers, it transformed into a digital magazine featuring conscious culture from fashion, food, art, film, people, and more. At that time, they tagged themselves as “Your Source for Conscious Culture,” which was instrumental in their next step.

Just after the three year mark, and with the help of an expanded leadership team including Jon Lechliter, Sarah Stanton, and Garfield DeBarros, they relaunched the Lifestyle + Charity brand as CONSCIOUS Magazine with a focus on stories and conversations that talk about local and global concerns, as well as continuing to be a source for conscious culture.

Our vision is to raise up the next generation of storytellers and journalists that make a difference while staying creative and innovative to attract the world's leading voices.

-From Conscious Magazine, find out more by clicking here.