Catalyst for Change

While watching The True Cost on Netflix the other night, I was reminded of how important it is that conversations start changing. Not only about sustainable fashion (which is so tremendously important) but the general value placed on human life. Martin Luther King was quoted at the end of the film as having called for a "revolution of values" which I absolutely agree with.

Over the past 40 years, America as a whole has been leaping further and further away from the reality of consumerism's toll on people, the environment and our own well-being. I don't want to go on a tangent for hours (because I know I could) but truly, as the owner of an online retail shop- I want my customers to know that the education behind the Sister House Collective store itself is what truly matters. Ultimately, the impact that the products make is what matters. Not only for the makers themselves, but for the people buying these goods too. That is the intention and hope for this curated shop. There are many revolutionary small companies who are utilizing fair-trade practices to provide steady, livable wages and healthy opportunities to their makers. I want our online shop to be a place where goods produced in an ethical and empowering manner are brought to people who appreciate and value the worth of the item AND it's maker. I want to see social impact companies thrive, so that they can continue to impact the people involved on all levels.

It's time for the consumer industry to be shaken awake. Let's change the conversation. Let's let big businesses know that exploiting human life and selling the idea of being happy by owning a product is ethically WRONG. 

So here's to treating people in a real and humane way; not as objects for profit. Grow with us as we promote goods with real impact and use creativity as a catalyst for change.

Image from Fashion Revolution.

Image from Fashion Revolution.

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