2018 at the Work / Shop

If you asked me a year ago what I thought I would be doing right now, here are some things I would not have said:

- owning, operating, curating, cleaning, bookkeeping, managing (and all else that comes with owning your own business) a brick and mortar shop + creative workspace in Downtown Las Vegas. I would especially not have said that it would be facing Fremont Street, near some of my favorite innovative, locally owned small businesses (surprise!)

- being a mother (bigger surprise!)

- sitting in the spare bedroom of my mother's house, writing a blog post about my business, because when I am at said business, I am tending to a newborn baby (who I adore) and cannot get anything done (but really, thank God for my mother who loves watching my daughter, and my husband who forced me out of the house early this morning so I could have some alone time with my computer to catch up on all things business).

Life is crazy, right? A year ago, I had quit my teaching job and decided to go full-time with Sister House. I had an inkling that I might eventually (like, in five years +) open up a small store in downtown Las Vegas, but when an opportunity to open a small shop presented itself in November, I decided to go for it. I couldn't do it alone..and really didn't want to, so a collaborative space with a few like-minded artist friends was born. Unknowingly at the time, we were creating a new concept in our city: local women in business, valuing collaboration above competition, working together to help each other and our businesses grow. 

Two weeks after our idea started to look like something that was actually going to happen, I found out I was pregnant. Then a series of surprises and obstacles piled right on. I'm going to spare you the details, because I will probably go on a tangent about all of the wonderful, but also all of the terrifying moments this year has brought me. It's been a rollercoaster but a few things are apparent: 1. I'm obsessed with my daughter and so happy that pregnancy is over. 2. In the realm of business, the concept of a few artists sharing space with Sister House has grown to become more than a place to work and collaborate. It has become a community- a safe space to gather.

I've realized over the past several months that Sister House Collective is more than a brand and an ethical marketplace; it is a movement of women in Las Vegas seeking and making BETTER. Better opportunities in our city and around the world, better choices for ourselves and for others, sharing and discovering better ways of living. So we're opening it up. Until now, it's been a few talented local artists working from the space with me- we've been working together to grow our brands, sharing business tips & advice, learning and lifting each other up. I've been renting the space to artists who want to teach workshops and share their skills or take workshops to learn new ones. 

For 2018, we want to continue to utilize the space for good. We want to share this wonderful little community we have been creating, inviting more creatives and do-gooders to join in our movement to see our city better.

Right now we are opening up the space for daily/monthly rental for creatives, independent makers and entrepreneurs who are interested in co-working from our shop and workspace on Fremont Street. Right now daily and monthly work rates are as follows:

Day Pass: $25 cash/check includes: one day use of workspace during business hours, meeting place, coffee/ tea/ water and internet

Monthly Workspace Membership: $150 cash/check includes: multiple day use of workspace during business hours, meeting place, coffee/tea/water and internet

Resident Artist: $250 cash/check includes: key to the store for unlimited use of workspace, use as meeting place, event space, coffee/tea/water and sale of goods with 20% commission to Sister House Collective

* Short interview required and mutual assessment of potential collaboration and representation      through Sister House Collective, we are currently looking for 1-2 resident artists* 


Photographer’s Weekday Day Pass: $50 cash/check includes: workspace, meeting place, coffee/ tea/ water, internet and use of Nostalgia Resources styled photo area

Photographer’s Weekend Day Pass: $100 cash/ check includes: workspace, meeting place, coffee/ tea/ water, internet and use of Nostalgia Resources styled photo area

Monthly Photographer’s Membership: $250 cash/check includes: 24 hour access to workspace and meeting place (key issued), coffee/ tea/ water, unlimited use of Nostalgia Resources styled photo area (area will be restyled seasonally), use of business address for mail/ delivery

We are also looking for artists and creative entrepreneurs wanting to share their skills by teaching workshops (don't be shy if you've never taught before, I will help you get started)! For more information about any of the above rentals, co-working, teaching a workshop or just to say hi - email sisterhousecollective@gmail.com 

All my love and appreciation as this vision for our space and the community within it blossom, 


Ashley Ayala