About sister house

Sister House Collective exists to encourage conscious, intentional relationships with local, national and global communities. We hope to foster real, authentic relationships between people in our direct community through workshops and events, as well as educate all who we come in contact with through our product line, about the importance of consumer advocacy.

Founded by Ashley Ayala officially in 2015, Sister House Collective was created from the belief that EVERY person has the ability to make an impact by living with intention, and thoughtfulness.

Our online marketplace features a highly curated collection of handcrafted items that have been made by women in developing communities and more local communities in the U.S. and Canada. The global brands we carry in the marketplace ensure safe, sustainable employment opportunities that empower their employees to rise above disadvantages that they may be facing. We are big (the biggest) advocates for safe working conditions, fair pay and protocol preventing the mistreatment and abuse of employees. The majority of the brands we work with not only meet these standards, but go a step further by providing hands on mentorship and entrepreneurial training to the individuals they employ. This is essentially why Sister House was founded in the beginning: to support for-profit businesses that empower, not exploit- valuing people over astronomical profit margins. The local, independent artists featured in the marketplace are artists that create beautiful, high quality products that we believe deserve to be shared with the world. 

We hope our brand, the items we sell and our concept encourage intentional decisions in every day life, and that ultimately, our world will be one of a conscious, caring culture. We believe in the integrity of many people all over working together to create a more just world with opportunity for all.