My goal is to empower women around the globe by encouraging conscious, intentional living for women in the western world and strengthening holistic wellbeing for women in developing communities.


I believe our relationship with ourselves is pretty damn important, and our relationship with our local, national and global communities (+ the planet) is pretty damn important too.

When I created Sister House Collective in 2015, it came from the belief that we as women in the Western World have the ability to make a profound impact on the lives of women in developing nations by supporting socially driven businesses. By buying quality handmade products from responsible, reputable brands who value people- we drive consumer demand for ethical goods on behalf of those making them JUST by choosing ethical alternatives on what we're used to spending our money on anyway.

So it started with changing the conversation though commerce. By curating a collection of beautiful handcrafted items from social impact projects around the world, I was able to tell the story behind these products- a story of hope and empowerment. Outside of sales and curation, I became heavily invested in learning about the global marketplace and how incredibly exploitative the clothing and textile industry is, and the true cost of the cheap, mass production of goods produced all over the world and sold in popular, big box Western stores.

The transition happened naturally.

After having my daughter in 2017, I decided to slow down with the retail aspect of Sister House Collective, start teaching sustainable business practices and turn the business concept from ethical marketplace into an educational platform. My focus now is on highlighting brands on my blog that ensure safe, sustainable employment opportunities and empower their employees. Many brands I feature are creating opportunity for individuals to rise above disadvantages that they may be facing, like sexual slavery or generational, cyclic poverty. Many brands solely believe in creating a low-impact, eco-friendly product that doesn't harm the planet, or the people making and using it. Many brands were born from crazy innovate dreamers who like me, want to see business as a force for good. My hope is to share my journey of living a more conscious lifestyle with you. I believe in the integrity of many people all over working and living to create a more just world with opportunity for all and I hope that one day, our world will be one of a conscious, caring culture. 

Living a conscious lifestyle looks something like this: knowing that we each have the opportunity to be a force for good- for ourselves, for our families and for our fellow humans. It’s slowing down, knowing the impact we are all capable of having- from the way we talk to those around us to the products we buy and the people they support. It’s knowing that perfection isn’t possible, but progress is the destination.