About ashley + about sister house

sister house exists to educate and EMPOWEr.


It started with curating ethically made goods.

Sister House Collective has been evolving since 2015. After traveling around the world and learning about the realities of human exploitation and trafficking, I wanted to DO something. I had planned on working in Cambodia with survivors of trafficking but felt drawn back to Las Vegas, my hometown, to start conversations with women (they world’s biggest consumers) about how we live and especially how we spend our money.

Sister House began as a lifestyle boutique, truly from the belief that those of us in more developed countries can live BETTER, not just for ourselves and our own communities, but for the world at large.

Sister House has now evolved into a hub around conscious consumer goods, responsible fashion brands and global empowerment programs. I do still dream of doing the shop full-time, but for now I am embracing and loving motherhood, and learning how to balance living at a slower pace with family and personal wellness at the center.

Outside of what you will find on the blog and in my newsletters, I work as an independent creative director, curator and mentor in the local Las Vegas creative scene, as well as an ethical merchandising consultant for small businesses and makers.

On the blog, you will find interviews with founders of brands that have a social or environmental initiative: some who are creating opportunity for individuals to rise above disadvantages that they may be facing, like sexual slavery or generational, cyclic poverty. Some believe in creating a low-impact, eco-friendly product that doesn't harm the planet, or the people making and using it. You will also find travel guides that support local, more conscious-minded businesses and lifestyle posts.

I’m also starting to write more about motherhood and mental health, as those are two things I believe women can create meaningful conversations around.

My hope is to share my journey of living a more conscious lifestyle with you, along with inspiration and guidance as to how YOU can make positive, empowering choices. For yourself, for your family, for women all over the world.

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