About sister house

Sister House Collective is rooted in intentional community. Founded by Ashley Ayala in 2014, Sister House was created from the belief that every person has the ability to impact the world. 

The goal of Sister House is to encourage conscious, intentional relationships with our local, national and global communities. We hope to foster real, authentic relationships between people in our direct community through workshops and events, as well as educate all who we come in contact with through our product line, about the importance of consumer advocacy.

We recently opened a brick and mortar shop in Downtown Las Vegas which serves three purposes:

It contains a highly curated collection of handcrafted items that have been made by women in developing communities and more local communities in the U.S. and Canada. Our global selection includes items made in India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Madagascar, Thailand, Philippines, Peru and Argentina. We are very selective in our choices of brands to carry; in the case of the above mentioned, we will only partner with a brands/organizations that ensure safe, sustainable employment opportunities that empower their employees. We are big advocates for safe working conditions, fair pay and protocol preventing the mistreatment and abuse of employees. As for more local brands carried in the shop, we make sure that the maker is using ethical guidelines to produce their jewelry/wares.

The second purpose our brick and mortar space serves is for local artists to take residency. A resident artist is a member of the artist collective and is able to work from the space, use it for meetings and events and sell their own handmade goods. We currently have three resident artists here at our store in downtown Las Vegas- Emma Kelly of Desert Daisy Jewelry, Veronica Torres-Miller of Vi Vero Shop and Abbie Paulhus of Abbie Paulhus Illustration. 

The final purpose for the store is to promote and provide community workshops and events that engage on a variety of subjects. Taught by local artists, creative entrepreneurs and leaders in the community, we want to provide a space for learning, enrichment and idea sharing. The space allows for small workshops in a separate workshop room and we also rent the main area of the store for larger special events.

We hope our brand, the items we sell and our concept encourage intentional decisions in every day life, and that ultimately, our world will be one of a conscious, caring culture. We believe in the integrity of many people all over working together to create a more just world with opportunity for all.